I just finished 20 new small works on paper for a new series called "Curb Alert." It is inspired by my endless love of other people's junk-- in this case, old chairs (and an occasional gorgeous sofa). All of the furniture I painted portraits of came from Marketplace "Free" listings. Man, there is some seriously nice free stuff floating around out there! 

Curb Alert
These small paintings were a fun break from some of the heavier themes I tend to work with, while still having some interesting threads to pull on. I thought about our endless consumption of goods, fast fashion (and how most things are now made to be thrown away in quick order), the many many hours of comfort these chairs provided, the adored pets that may have caused their demise, and how people market their used goods to others. Basically, there was still a lot to ponder as I painted stuffing spilling out of questionably patterned furniture.

This will be an ongoing series that I can work on during the short and interrupted moments I now consider my studio practice (Now that my baby is not such a baby, I have less and less concentrated chunks of time to work).

"Curb Alert" is on view at Westminster Canterbury in Lynchburg, Virginia until June 21. 

Academy Center of Art 2024 National Juried Art Show
"Stirring the Hornet's Nest," 2023, Oil on Canvas, 44" x 34.5"

I am so excited and honored to be included in the Academy Center of Art 2024 National Juried Art Show featuring the work of 25 different artists!

The opening is April 5th at 5 PM, with the Juror's talk at 5:30. The Juror, Andrew Norris, is an artist and educator living in Richmond, Virginia.