Original gouache painting on canvas paper.
5" x 7" matted and framed in 8" x 10" frame.
Framed and ready to hang.

A fuschia wingback chair on abstract green and yellow background, from the "Curb Alert" series.

These small gouache paintings are inspired by my endless love of other people's junk-- in this case, old chairs (and an occasional gorgeous sofa). All the images I referenced are from FREE CHAIR listings I found on Marketplace or Craigslist.

These small paintings were a fun break from some of the heavier themes. I thought about our constant consumption of goods, the prevalence of fast and cheap production and its implications for waste, the hours of comfort provided by these chairs, the beloved pets that may have led to their demise, and how people sell their used goods to others.

There was still much to ponder as I painted stuffing spilling out of questionably patterned furniture. I became quite charmed by each chair I chose to paint, and they took on human qualities to me. I decided to name them, as I would name a pet or child. As many artists know, our artwork often feels like our babies.